Wedding Tip Wednesday: Honor Your Loved Ones Uniqueness on Your Wedding Day

Wedding Tip Wednesday

Honor Your Loved Ones by Allowing Some of Their Unique Influences to be a Part of Your Day

Brittany included her grandfather's wedding bands in her bouquet on her wedding day.

Brittany included her grandfather's wedding bands in her bouquet on her wedding day.

Ever wonder how you can successfully plan a wedding that includes everything you've dreamed about AND recognizes the special talents and traditions of your loved ones? Whether it be a "something borrowed" for the bride to wear or a fun cultural tradition, families are always honored when their unique influences are included in something so special and personal like your wedding day.
Some of our favorite weddings incorporated things that were important to their families:

Nina & Will: They embraced their family's cultural dancing and traditions.
See Nina and Will's Kenyan Cultural Wedding.
Brittany & Aaron: In remembrance of her Grandfathers, the Bride Brittany attached her Grandfathers' rings to her bouquet.
See Brittany & Aaron's Elegant Country Wedding.

Jenna & Dave: They embraced their family's love of dancing and Polish traditions. They even had a table of Polish desserts that Jenna's family made!
See Jenna & Dave's Colorful Summer Wedding.

Karin & Matt: They returned to Karin's hometown in Michigan for their wedding ceremony and celebrated their big day at a close family friend's apple orchard. She had bouquet charms honoring their grandfathers and uncle. They even included some of Karin's grandfather's classic cars in the ceremony.
See Karin & Matt's Apple Orchard Inspired Wedding.

I hope that you found the above information useful as you're planning your big day! Stay tuned for next week's Wedding Tip Wednesday!

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