From a baby's first breath to the pitter-patter of a toddler's feet, from a child's sense of wonder to a confident teen - These are what I call "the wonder years" - some of the most exciting and action-packed years of your life. But these years fly by and children grow quickly.  Parents often say that they just wish their children would stay "little", just a little while longer. 

While we haven't found the secret to slowing time, it's not too late to preserve these moments and make them more than just a memory. 

At Muschlitz Photography I specialize in providing natural and colorful images of your family members that highlight those things that make each of them unique at every stage of their journey. For me there is truly nothing better than capturing the wonder and love you have for your loved ones, and the wonder and love they have for the world.

Connecting with people and telling their stories through photographs are at the core of everything I do. Sometimes the best story of all is the one that shows the special love and connection that a family shares through a family portrait session. 

If you want to preserve these special moments during your family's "wonder years", please contact me for more information or to schedule your session.

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