By Amanda Muschlitz Stayton, Owner & Head Photographer

The power of a photograph has always amazed me. 

They say that as you age, that time seems to move by faster. People get married. They start families. Families grow. Children get bigger. People move. People change. Loved ones pass. 

But despite all the changes over time, a photograph is magical. 

You can still hold that photograph and look back and catch a glimpse of a time that has been. You can see the styles people were wearing; that split between a child's front teeth; goofy grins; wrinkled faces; and warm embraces. It's an incredibly powerful experience. And that picture can tell a story. And everybody loves stories.

Connecting with people and telling their stories through photographs are at the core of everything I do. 

But at Muschlitz Photography, it's not just about creating strong images. It's about connecting with people and capturing them in a way that allows them to fully wrap themselves in the moment and experience this crazy little thing we call "life". 

 After 6 years of being in the field as a newspaper photojournalist and photographing weddings and portraits on the side, I fell in love with how my camera and my passion for people would allow me to connect with those I photographed. That’s why I started Muschlitz Photography- bringing the excitement of being photographed for a news story to capturing those moments and people most dear and important to you.  Instead of just photographing someone once for a news story, Muschlitz Photography has allowed me to stay in touch with my clients continue to capture their story as their families grow and lives change.

But what I do goes beyond the moments captured... it's not just about having a digital image to share with your loved ones. It's all about the "magic" of having a tangible photograph or album that you can hold so you can relive those moments with a smile, every time you look at the photographs. Just like when you come across a box of treasured family photographic prints,  those moments - your moments - are beautifully preserved to stand the test of time and enjoyment of future generations.

If you want to "feel the dream" and you're in need of images for one of life’s milestones or “just because”, I’d love to work with you to capture you and your loved ones.  Please contact me to learn more and start planning your dream photo shoot!